Thursday, December 10, 2009

Yet Another Cool Update..

I got a call yesterday from Hospice. Since my trip Dad has been PUTTING ON WEIGHT! He's eating and not depressed!!! I got to "talk" to him on the phone and he was in great spirits. His wonderful nurse put up a little Xmas tree and they decorated it with ornaments (he even got a Santa hat--it's keeping his head warm and he's loving it). I'm going to put together a little care package for him and send it directly to his hospice nurse to take to him.

How cool is THAT?? Thanks for the prayers, all!! They've worked!

God is good!


Lavender Luz said...

Shows how powerful your love energy is!

Sheri said...

What wonderful news! I can just imagine him with the Santa cap on. Too cute!

I agree with LL. Love energy is very powerful!

Stella said...

THAT is a wonderful update! The prayers will definitely keep coming but I think a lot of it had to do with you!! :)


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