Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Prayers For Shellie

A dear friend in the blogosphere, Shellie Ross lost her 2 year old son, Bryson, yesterday in a pool incident. It happened before her very eyes. I am asking you all to please hold their family and close friends up in prayer. Trish at MomDot is keeping us all updated and you can Tweet Shellie directly at @military_mom.

Normally I am one of those "let's all get along" kinda gals. I don't do drama and have been referred to as "PollyAnna". I'm stepping out of that mode for a moment to say that I am sickened by the haters that have had the audacity to personally attack Shellie during this horrific time. Everything from tweets about it being "Her Fault" to questioning the incident all together (because some moron was "unable to find a police investigation open in FL for this particular death").


I am dumbfounded and disgusted. The family is in absolute agony and for all of you evil people I personally hope you burn for your heartless comments.

Shellie, we are all thinking about you today and mourn the loss of your dear son. May the Lord watch over you and your family.

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Ms. Sarah said...

many prayers for shellie


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