Sunday, December 13, 2009

Shout Out Sunday

Here's how Shout Out Sunday works, my friends:

Choose a blog that has moved you. A daily must read. One you stalk. One that makes you laugh, cry or scream at the monitor. A new blog you would like to give exposure to. Someone you would like to introduce to your readers and send a warm fuzzy while you're at it.

Write your post, linking your chosen blog in it, grab and paste the button code below. When it's live, put the url in MckLinky (also below). Lets try to visit them and some leave some comments, m'kay?
Shout Out Sunday

MckLinky is open until 6am tomorrow morning..

Now for my shout out!

I have been stalking Snarky Mom at Postcards From Insanity for well over a year. She is a mommy of 4, a wife to 1 (sorry I couldn't help that), has adopted from foster care and was also a social worker in her former life. She is now a SAHM and a funny one at that. Her blog is a roller coaster of emotion.. she'll have you laughing so hard it hurts, so upset you yell at your monitor and make you burst into tears (all in the same post, mind you). Her adventures in the system were frightening and joyful. She's definitely not a run of the mill, milk and toast SAHM.. the girl is insightful and hysterical.

She can be edgy and her blog is not for the faint of heart. If you start from the beginning (which I highly recommend) you will not be disappointed. Snarky Mom is real and that's not always pretty with a bow on top.

Go surf over and check out Postcards now!

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Melissa, Multi-Tasking Mama said...

That blog looks hilarious- thanks for the recommendation =)


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