Saturday, December 26, 2009

T'was The Day After Christmas..

.. and the house is trashed..

I was going to take pictures and but a girl has to have some pride. Trust me, it's a wreck.

We enjoyed a lovely Christmas afternoon/evening at Auntie Moo and Uncle Kiwi's.. eating way too much, hootin' and a hollerin'. It was great. Our front room is now littered with tons of presents (odd .. since we all said we weren't going to exchange gifts this year).

I will share pictures from Christmas Eve Day.. it was postcard perfect:

It was, like, 7 degrees.. I wasn't stepping out further than the open doors to take pictures..

Rusty and Maria were on high alert.. undoubtedly anticipating the arrival of St Nick (this had nothing to do with the elk, bunnies and squirrels running about, I swear!):

I personally didn't snap any pictures Christmas Day. My little digie never made it out of my purse.. weird!

I hope everyone is enjoying a wonderful holiday weekend!!


Kim @ What's That Smell? said...

Funny, I came home from my in-laws with gifts and we said no gifts. Oh well!

Sounds like you had a great Christmas, I hope the New Year brings you wonderful things as well!

Kristin said...

What gorgeous pictures. Merry Christmas!

kbreints said...

You know, I took decidedly less pictures this year as well... though I have to sey I enjoyed myself not having to think about taking them!


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