Friday, December 18, 2009

Pushing Past The Blues

I love Christmas.. it's a magical time. It brings back nostalgic memories of years past while we enjoy making new ones. I have to admit, this year is a little rough and I'm trying to work through the sadness. The challenging moments are walking through stores and seeing the toys for children. Okay, anything "Lightning McQueen" or Disney Princess related will bring on the tears.

It makes me miss the kiddos something fierce.

I allow myself to grieve but try not to get too caught too up in it. I've kept myself busy doing positive things I enjoy like working on our Christmas cards (the first round went out a week ago--second round gets done this weekend). I've reveled in shopping for presents to send to Dad (never thought I would get to do that again, right?). A blessing in and of itself!

I have been really focused on launching MomTV's Adoption Angles. Can I just say, I have met some amazing women and am honored to have them booked as guest hosts. I'm passionate about it and my hope of hopes is that it will inspire and touch others' hearts, as well.

If I stay focused on our blessings and The Reason For The Season the blues pass. It's okay to be sad and work through feelings but it can't be allowed to overtake our lives. I am thankful the twins, Mannie and Sunshine are out there thriving and can imagine their extreme excitement on Christmas morning. Maybe next year we'll be blessed with little ones..

Let Joy Prevail!


Stella said...

You're so's ok to be sad and recognize those feelings but we can't allow them to overtake us!

You did such a wonderful thing and this must be so hard for you.

Joy cometh in the morning and it seems like your morning is coming!

alicia said...

Saying a special prayer for you during these days... it is hard to see that stuff and not have that longing... peace be with you.

Kristin said...

Saying a prayer for you this holiday season. I hope you are blessed with little ones soon.

Sheri said...

I can see how you might be feeling sad during the holidays....and I am sorry about that.

I think it's wonderful that you are shopping for your dad. That is great!

I'm thinking of you during the holidays!


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