Thursday, April 8, 2010

Miss Lori ~ REPLAY!!

I've got to throw out a Big Ole Full Circle/Adoption Angles, "Thank You!!" to the Lovely Miss Lori! She is such an amazing, inspiring, wonderful person and I am honored to of had her on the show.

Missed it? Well, just watching her makes me smile and I've gotta share that wealth, right? (You're welcome!)..

I know I know.. I was all geeked-out (running late and excited about the show) and yes, I caught that I misspoke and called the show, "Full Circle" .. no reminders, please! Just a heads up.. When Miss Lori first came on we had a minor freeze frame issue thing happening but hang in.. it was quickly fixed by my awesome techies working feverishly behind the scenes..

Go on now, grab your favorite bevie.. sit back, relax and enjoy a most excellent show! Thanks again, Miss Lori!!!

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