Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Another Reason Why My People Rock

Not long ago I wrote about a quote I had heard on the radio that really stuck with me. Low and behold, a little package arrived at work today. There was no note and no name of a sender. In it was this magnet..

Thank you to my wonderful mystery friend for my very meaningful gift. We've hit a pretty rough patch and seeing this every day will bring us much needed comfort, for sure.


Monday, March 30, 2009

Perfect Moment Monday

I Capture
Perfect Moments.

Perfect, indeed.


Sunday, March 29, 2009

Lions, Tigers and.. Giraffes?


Photo Captured: Two little giraffes awaiting the Zoo Keeper's (DH) return from work.


Saturday, March 28, 2009

Top 5 Toons

Being relative newbies to the current world of children's cartoons DH, Nantie and I have been scratching our heads over some of the programming. Seriously, what are the writers on?? I've already lamented over the shows that make my skin crawl. That's right all you SpongeBob, FlapJack and Wiggles fans.. we are in total disagreement over quality tv for kids.

That being said, we've delighted in some new-to-us kid shows. Here are my TOP 5 favorites.

Tigger & Pooh: Classic old (and new) friends revamped.

Charlie & Lola: Completely darling.

Little Einsteins: A wee bit annoying but the end result is worth it. Lots of good learning goin' on.

The Imagination Movers: My answer to The Wiggles (*Shiver*). The Twins and I dance around the room to their songs. Total fun with really cute guys (not like the creepy ones that nightmares are made of).

and Number 1 All Time New Favorite is..

Drum roll, please..




Where do I start? All I can say is move over Bob The Builder... Seriously, I could go on and on..

Yep, they are all on the Disney Channel. I am aware Nick Jr has a couple good ones out there but these are hands down new favs.

On the flipside, I finally sat down and watched part of an episode of Hannah Montana... and still not getting the big whup over her. If anyone would care to shed light over that mystery, please share!


Thursday, March 26, 2009

Watch What You Wish For...

The upside: Our meeting was cancelled due to the storm.
The downside: I got the call 1 block away from the office.

For reals.

I left way early to get there on time only to be turned around. Of course, work is an hour in the other direction (when you can drive the speed limit-- or a weee bit over as in my case).

For the record, it is possible to be peeved and relieved all at the same time.


Bring On The Blizzard

It has been a dry winter here in the foothills of CO and statewide, as well. We're way below the norm for moisture/snow for this time of year. It was 70+ degrees last weekend and everyone was running around in shorts playing outside. With the tease of spring what could that possibly set us up for?

Why, a blizzard of course!

Last night's winter storm watch is now a blizzard warning. I have no complaints other than I am taking the morning off for a meeting at DSS and will be driving in it. Not cool. Like the smart little former Girl Scout I am I did gas my car up after work yesterday (and let me mention I got $.60 off thanks to my Safeway points-- I paid $1.23 a gallon .. WOOHOO!!). We've currently got a couple of inches of white stuff on the grassy areas and it's coming down in a big way.

The one really crummy thing about fostering to adopt is that you cannot discuss the case. It's the whole privacy thing. I am bursting at the seams wishing I could tell ya'll what's going on. Instead I ask that you keep us in your prayers and good thoughts today. Honestly, I'm rather dreading it.

Secretly I hope it snows so hard we can't make it.. heehee


Wednesday, March 25, 2009

2 Steps Forward..

.. and NO steps back (this week anyway!). YAY!

When Jack and Jill moved in 2 months ago they couldn't count past 3. Last night both proudly counted to 10! It may sound minuscule to some but it means the world to us. Between home and preschool we've all worked hard at getting them up to speed.

They have made huge strides in so many areas.. it's like watching two little flowers blossom.



Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Guest Post

Our friends over at Experiencing Motherhood were kind enough to ask me to be a guest writer. Surf on over and check out their totally cool site!!


Friday, March 20, 2009


I've listened to Chuck Swindoll at Insight For Living during my commute for gosh, 15 years now. It's a great way to start the day and this morning he something really simple that stuck with me. It went something like..

"Nothing touches you before first passing through the fingers of God."

In these days that have us spinning and the uncertainty of tomorrow, I find great comfort in that.

Just thought I would share. :o)


Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A Quickie Update...

I'm back to work this week but have neglected my little blog (I'm seriously running at 85%.. give or take). I've got some cool awards brags (thanks ladies!) and other things to write about but it all takes focus (and I have none). I'll get up to speed this weekend, I double dog swear.

We have some big stuff happening in the next few weeks (court and meetings) and I'm a little freaked. The kids could literally go home in the next three weeks. No joke. From what we can gather from the social workerese (IE: their smoke and mirrors jargon) we're fairly confident their mom is pulling it together and maintaining. Talk about emotions being pulled in two different directions. Compassion makes us happy for her but hey, we're human. We will be crushed if/when they go. This blog will be chock full of "whoa is me's" I guarantee it.

That's what I call a fair warning.

In the meantime, I will stand over them as they sleep and say little prayers for them. We will marvel at their angelic, sleeping faces and not take any of our time for granted. They are precious and we are so very blessed to have the honor of being a small part in their lives.

.. And I solemnly swear to try to remind myself of all that in the middle of unexplainable melt downs ..



Sunday, March 15, 2009

What The ??!?

Jack and Jill have 8,000 toys and what's the most fun? A blanket, of course. I think it looks like the makings of a Snuffleupagus. DH, however, thinks it looks like a green blob consuming children.



Friday, March 13, 2009

The Unexplained..

We've heard and read about them for years.. unexplained phenomenons. People spend the better parts of their lives searching for answers to things like this..

Not to mention, him..

Crop art..


They are the things that television specials are made of.

Ya'll can imagine my surprise when we had an incident in our very own home. Is it some type of contact attempting to be made? Is it a sign? A primitive Stonehenge?

Our investigation continues...


Thursday, March 12, 2009

Oh For Crying Out Loud..

This whole bronchial thing I've got going on has gotten downright annoying. I've missed 4 (FOUR!) days of work and that is a new personal record. I thought I was going to make it in today but after being up for just about 20 minutes I knew better. It was my worst day yet. Dagnabbit! I really do hope to go in tomorrow. A short week for sure but at least it would be something.

Jack and Jill have done really well and try to remember I'm down for the count. I must say the house is eerily quiet when Nantie is running them to various appointments or when they're at preschool. What show lulled me to sleep this afternoon? The screaming on Jon & Kate + 8, of course. Ah HA!

Back to the couch..


Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Plague Continues

No magic overnight... I actually took a turn for the worse. I called off work again and went to the doctor (something I rarely do). My boogery nose from last Thursday is now acute bronchitis. The bright side as per Missy MooMoo?

"At least it's not an ugly bronchitis".

(Ya, that took me a second to get, too).

I'm going to pop my 'scripts, hit the pillow and stay hunkered down until Thursday.



Monday, March 9, 2009

Dr Seuss & NyQuil

Bad combo. My head is still spinning.

Whatever this crud is it's kicking my bootie. If I had $1 for every time I've blown my nose, DH and I could retire comfortably. The left side of my head weighs 20 pounds and I feel like I'm under water. It feels like it's moving down into my chest and that is a concern. My hope is I'll be magically better by tomorrow and be able to handle a day of work (I called off today).

DH was gone snowmobiling over the weekend so Nantie basically had 3 kids to care for. I just gotta say, everyone should have a Nantie! Jack and Jill were on their best behavior. They knew I was feeling really crummy and did their best to be good. Although we have had a few rough patches they really are awesome little kiddos.

Hi Ho Hi Ho Ho, Off To LaLaLand I Go..


Saturday, March 7, 2009

Makin' Chicken Soup Outta Chicken Poop

When the twins came to live with us it was very apparent that chocolate milk (and come to find out later, chocolate doughnuts) were once a daily dietary staple. The family members they lived with prior to moving here had tried to ween them off both. They were down to big globs of Hershey syrup in a glass of milk twice a day.


When my Mama was taking chemo the treatments made her taste buds go all out of whack. Everything tasted like metal and most food made her nauseous. Her oncologist recommended Ensure. She actually liked the shakes and they provided much needed nourishment.

That little life lesson has come in handy once again. Instead of pouring chocolate syrup in milk, we are adding just a dollup of Creamy Milk Chocolate Ensure. The kids love it.

This is just one example of how we are trying to use our creative noggins to get the the kids to eat healthy. What are your secrets to tricking (er, making) your kids eat nutritious meals?


Friday, March 6, 2009

Friday Night At Last

Auntie MooMoo (Missy) came over to spend some time with the twins this afternoon. When I got home the kids were already in jammies and homemade chicken noodle soup was bubbling on the stove.

One word: HEAVEN!

The kids had already eaten and were soon off to sleep. AN EARLY NIGHT! It's 8:30, I'm already showered and in bed with DVR'd Supernanny. Could it get any better?


Tomorrow the weather is supposed to be rainy/snowy/cold/icky. Perfect to stay snuggled in with the kiddos, hunkered down watching movies and hopefully recover from this stupid cold. DH is off snowmobiling for the day and Nantie and I will hold down the fort. In sweats, no doubt.

For now, it's a shooter of NyQuil & JoJo... Nighty night.


Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Oh No, Not Again..

**Warning: NyQuil Induced Post Ahead**

We survived the hellacious flu in the first days of Jack and Jill moving in. There have been bouts that have popped up since that we've dodged. Eventually I was bound to have another go-round.

That time would be now.

I've got so much to do, so much to write but for now, I must sleep.

Stay Tuned...


Tuesday, March 3, 2009

She's Baaacccck!!

Womb At The Innsane



Tuesday Toot

My Toot today is really a Group Toot, as it has taken a team effort. Jack and Jill have both officially gained weight! She had lost 2 pounds when they first arrived (because of the flu) but has now packed on 3! Jack has gained 4 pounds!! Yay!

Somehow I have managed to find it all but I'm okay with that. LOL.


Monday, March 2, 2009

Perfect Moment Monday

During all the crazy over this past month, Missy took the law into her own hands and, among other things, surprised me with a beautifully organized freezer. Fortunately for ya'll I don't have a "Before Picture" but believe you me, it was one big ice chunk with an eensie hole in the middle. Thank you Missy (Auntie MooMoo) for all your hard work! It's sooo appreciated.

Every time I open the freezer door I have a Perfect Moment. I know, I'm Livin' LaVida Loca, right?

I Capture
Perfect Moments.


Sunday, March 1, 2009

"Expect The Unexpected"

That bit of advise was given to us at the very first informational meeting we attended with the county. The speaker looked to be in her mid-40's, tall and thin, with long brown hair and pale skin. I clearly remember her eyes sparkled as she told her story.

Like us, she and her husband had tried with no luck to start a family the old fashioned way. Somehow, they found their way to fost/adopt and their journey began. Initially they were hoping to adopt a young (newborn-toddler) Caucasian girl. A child that blended in with their little family.

She told us the one thing we should expect is the unexpected in our journey. She advised us to listen to our hearts and to each other. You can imagine our surprise as she proudly showed us a picture of her son. They had adopted him a few years earlier and he was currently in high school. Not only was he older than the age they originally wished to adopt.. he was a he. Oh yeah, he was also African American.. and her pride and joy. When his younger brother came into the system they adopted him, as well.

The Unexpected.

I think one of the things that has caught our family off guard is how deeply they love Jack and Jill. Like many of you that have gone the fost/adopt route (or are thinking about it) you know most think you're not playing with a full deck when you confide that you're considering doing this. With the best of intentions many try to talk you out of it. Although we know most were uneasy with the whole idea, all tried to support us as best they could. Let's face it, foster kids have a stigma. Not to mention the loss and pain we're setting ourselves up for if the kids go home.

Due to the Influenza Type A outbreak at the house of pestilence (ie: the day the kids moved in we ended up in Urgent Care with Jill who was very sick and diagnosed with the flu) the family didn't get to meet the kids for over a week after their arrival. All they got were quick phone updates from DH, Nantie or me about how downright adorable and sweet they are.

Once The Plague passed and the house was deemed clean (think "Poltergeist") they filtered on over. It didn't take long for them to fall head over heels in love with Jack and Jill. Each wiggled their little ways into everyone's heart.

Although it has just been over a month, it's hard to remember life before them. The thought of a quiet house without the two of them zooming around and chattering up a storm breaks my heart. And I am not alone. All have voiced concern over them leaving.. none can bear the thought, either.

We were very aware of the risks involved going into this. Nothing was ever sugarcoated. We knew that DH, Nantie and I would bond and love the kids unconditionally because they are with us 24/7. We didn't fathom what a profound effect they would have on the rest of the family.

The Unexpected.


Sunday Sunrise

Since I had to be up at the crack of dawn, at least it was spectacular.


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