Friday, August 21, 2009

All's Quiet On The Western Front

Nothing really new to report.. just taking things a day at a time. The kiddos were told about the move earlier this week and have taken the news in stride. That is a huge relief. It is very apparent they don't quite "get it" but it'll all come together soon enough. When they ask about visiting us we obviously can't make any promises and tell them the truth (which is we just don't know). We do tell them how much we love them and that we'll miss them forever (and ever).

We are at peace with the decision and trying our darnedest to be as positive and upbeat as possible. Sometimes it's no easy task as the tears come from nowhere but we're putting on a good front. We've had contact with the family they're moving in with and we're all playing nice and getting along. They do seem like good people and we know deep down the kids will be safe and loved.

That's all we ask for.

The one thing I do know for sure.. it's not going to sink in for us until they're gone. Sigh..


Lavender Luz said...

Silence isn't always golden (per yout tweet).

Here's to resilience all around.

Hugs, Melissa.

Sheri said...

You said it in the first line, "taking things a day at a time." It seems like you are doing just that.

Glad the family seems like good people and that you feel the kids will be safe and loved.

I'm still holding a space for you and your family as you go through this.


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