Saturday, August 1, 2009

Anniversary Gift

DH finally got home last night from his business trip. As many of you know, he missed our wedding anniversary earlier this week. He was traveling with his boss (the best boss ever, I might add) and I had high hopes DH would be influenced once again by his impeccable taste. I scored a Coach purse and clutch one Christmas because they had traveled together and DH was pressured (er, talked into) buying them for me.

Unfortunately, Boss departed a few days early.

Not exactly the diamonds or turquoise I was expecting but I did get a good laugh just the same.


Bren said...

Dude...DH is SOOOOO fired!!!

Heck, the Hawaii magnet next to it is better lookin'!!!

I'm hoping your next post will include a picture of the gorgeous new leather coat or new car with leather interior, since leather is the 3rd anniversary thang.

ANYTHING but a freakin' magnet!!!

Sheri said...

It's a cool magnet, but not what I would consider a romantic anniversary present.

The good thing is that he is home safe and sound...and you have a GREAT sense of humor!


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