Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Pretty Cool New Digs, Eh??

So, here we are. I'm still getting settled in and happy to show you around my new little home. There are a few elements that are cool that I would like to share..

First up, a huge hug and, "Thank You!" to the amazing (and patient) Lindsey at Sour Apple Studio. Working with me is no easy task. She took what was in my head and viola! Here it is. Please check out her web site and blog.. I HIGHLY recommend her work!!

Sour Apple Studio

Then there's our caricatures. They aren't just random iStock people I chose from that look like us. Illustrator extraordinaire, Sara Showalter, took pity on me and actually drew us from description. Not only that, as children come we can add to our illustration! How cool is that?

Home really is where our heart is and a very important part of our family. It's our sanctuary from the crazy that lies just beyond our drive. I'm really happy to have it shown in the header. Of course, we live at the base of the amazing Colorado Rocky Mountains which we love and the smattering of paw prints represents our herd of canines. Kadi's thoughts on the flowers representing Mama is PERFECT (thank you, darlin'!). Orangey-red, like her auburn hair, petite and pretty.

So, I'm still shuffling stuff around and will be adding to my tabs in the coming days. It's a wonderful distraction to our reality (one that's still in limbo, by the way) and I couldn't be happier with how it all turned out.



Kendra Field-Bennett said...

Looooooooooooove it!

Stella said...


Mountain Girl said...

I LOVE your new digs......and glad you are still in "limbo" with the kids - keep on enjoying them!

Sheri said...

Great new design. Awesome!!!


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