Tuesday, August 18, 2009

My Sunshine(s)

You Are My Sunshine(s)
My Only Sunshine(s)
You Make Me Happy
When Skies Are Grey.
You'll Never Know Dear(s)
How Much I Love You,
Please Don't..

After the kiddos went to sleep, I was singing this little ditty while doing dishes.. and burst into tears. Way to keep it together, right?


Kim @ What's That Smell? said...

Awww...what a wonderful picture. They may not realize it but I'm sure the love you have shown them will make them better people and give them the strength to thrive despite their circumstances.

Miss Tori said...

Gosh, this just may be harder on you than J&J. Sorry the system sucks and you can't keep them.

Sheri said...

I can almost imagine the scene and the emotions you must be feeling.

You will keep it together perfectly, even if you do burst into tears.

Still thinking of you and your family.

Lavender Luz said...

I read this on my handheld while waiting in line at the store, and had to explain to the clerk why I got all misty eyed.

That song and that photo choke me up, especially in your context.


caitsmom said...

(((((hugs)))) Perhaps it's "Why" keep it together. I think it's OK and normal to cry. What's the point of keeping it together, when you are hurting. You deserve those tears, and so do those children. I am so sorry; I wish it were different for you family.

karen.hartzell@gracobaby.com said...

Crying is an excellent stress release. I am sure you needed it and it's totally ok. Hugs to you.

Oh and please tell me you have made copies of all these fab pics of J&J and put them in a small album to take with them??? I think it will be a truly amazing and beautiful keepsake. Come to think of it, you better make two so they don't have to share it. :-)

Pics like these will make them always know they have each other (and of course think of your family too).

A.Marie said...

Oh my...that is the song that I used to sing to my little boy (now my teen!) and I always gave him a big hug at the end, because, since he was my biological son, I knew that he wouldn't be taken away from me.

I never did sing this to my daughter when she was still our foster-child, because I never knew if she would be able to stay with us. After the adoption was final, though, I could sing it all I wanted!

Kadi said...

Oh man. My heart is hurting so bad for you. How about if you fly out here and stay with us for a bit? I know it isn't the same as your own kids, but you are welcome to borrow the arms of my Ella for awhile. :)
Or I could just fly her out to you.


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