Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Writer's Block Broken

Since Friday night I've been working on the little ditty I'll be giving during the meeting at DSS. Well, trying to anyhow. For some odd reason, blabber mouth moi couldn't seem to find the words. I'm discussing the amazing strides Jack and Jill have made since their arrival and it's extremely important for me to get it just right. The bottom line is I'm representing them and it has got to be perfect.

After what felt like a massive struggle I have a final draft I think I'm proud of.. but feel like I'm forgetting something. What could it be??

Ah.. Kleenex..

Wish me luck..


Jan said...

Oh Melissa, good luck. I know the love you have for them will just pour out of you. It makes me teary eyed just thinking of the accomplishments they have made while living in a stable home, under your family's loving guidance. Jack and Jill (as well as the foster system) are so lucky to have you!

Sheri said...

Melissa -- You will be great! All of the love in your heart will come pouring out and you will say the EXACT right things.

Pray before you go in and ask your angels for help. It will all go well.

cheekyradish said...

Best of luck to you-

Ran across your blog, and as the aunt of 3 adopted kids, am keeping my fingers crossed that Jack & Jill will remain with you.


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