Sunday, August 30, 2009

An Award? WooHoo!

This little ditty came to me courtesy of Denver Jen from Waiting For Bambino. She is a fellow Colorado Blogger who is also taking the adoption journey (via private). She and her husband had been waiting anxiously to be chosen by a family and, after moving into their new house and barely getting settled in.. BLAMO!.. they got "The Call"! It's a thoughtful, beautifully written blog.. surf over and give her a Full Circle "Howdy Do!". (Thank you for thinking of me, Jen!).

3 Award Rules:
*Link back to person who gave it to you (DONE!).
*Give the award to 10 fav peeps (Gonna Do).
*List 10 things about yourself (AAK).

10 Fav Friends (there's loads more, trust me):
Kadi @ WATI
Stella @ Mountain Momma
Wendy @ Beautifully Broken
Snarky Mom @ Postcards
Carmen @ Please Don't Juggle Your Veggies
Tiff @ Still Seeking Sanity
Michelle @ Eat, Sleep, Create
Bridget @ Don't Blink!
Lisa @ Beautiful Disaster
Christy @ Butterflies

10 Things About Moi (Feel Free To Skip This Part):
*I've travelled through Europe but it didn't really count (I was 18 and we were more excited we could drink legally than anything else.. Mona Lisa who?). Gotta get back and do it right!

*When in the right frame of mind I'm a lean, mean cleaning machine (ie: cleaning house is my therapy).

*Gardening is also therapy.

*Oh yeah, so is blogging.

*Blue is my favorite color (more like turquoise.. the color of the ocean in Hawaii, the Keys, all things island).

*I love the mountains but will always be a beach girl at heart, as well.

*I wish I made more time to read.

*I hope to get back into cooking.

*I have the best family and friends EV-ER and couldn't ask for a better husband (and no, he's not a reader so I'm not sucking up).

*I wish I could go back in time and tell Mama all the things I should've said while she was alive (and spend more quality time with her).



Sheri said...

Congratulations on the award! That's great!

Loved reading the Ten things about you.

Wendy Whitlow said...

Hey Melissa,
This is pretty cool...thanks for sharing...and thanks for including my blog to your top favorites! :)

I too enjoyed reading about you..."Didn't want to skip it" :)

You Rock!xoxo


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