Saturday, March 27, 2010

Sleep.. It's a Beautiful Thing

Last night was the first time all week I got a solid nights sleep. After eight wonderful hours of desperately needed zzz's, Homeland Security has dropped my threat level from red to blue. Once on the verge of going mad, I am happy to report it is now safe to approach me.

What a brutal cold season.

In other news.. Thanks to budget deficits and massive cut backs, our county has lost tons of fantastic workers.. ours being one of them. We got word our new worker is one we had on a previous case and she is awesome. I honestly don't know how the remaining workers are going to handle the extra caseloads.. oy!

As I mentioned before, we have been in email contact with the bio fam that has stepped up for JuneBug. Their approval process has started and is supposed to take 60 days (they ramp it up for kin). The family doesn't actually live in state so it's a bit complicated. I recently asked for approval to Skype them and await a response. I'm sure there's some loop hole, privacy, bureaucratic blahblah rule that states we can't but I think it's worth a shot. I have no doubt it would mean a lot to them.

Stay tuned..


Marsha said...

Hi Melissa,

I've always said a favorite attack ground of the enemy is fatigue. I'm so glad you could get some sleep!

We're in CA, and when we lost a baby that we were sure we would be able to adopt to NREFM, they were approved IN ONE WEEK! All they performed was the home inspection and fingerprinting, and they planned to conduct the home study and all other requirements after she was moved. Isn't it amazing how all the rules vary so much state to state....really county to county?! We have also seen lots of cutbacks in the social system...good ole CA is broke! And yet, the kids just got assigned a new social worker, and when I say, "new" I mean new! She's a new hire...never been in social services before! WHAT? So they're cutting back experienced veterans and making new hires?!

Just another crazy facet of this crazy journey to fost-adopt!

Glad you are all well (and well rested!)

Love, Marsha

Sheri said...

I'm so glad you got some good sleep! Hopefully you've all kicked the cold bug for good!

It sounds like the transition for JuneBug is well on its way. I'm thinking of you as you move forward.

One last thing...I challenge you to get a second night of 8-hours of uninterrupted sleep. Can you do it? Hope so!


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