Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Who Is Tonight's Awesome Guest On MomTV's Adoption Angles?!

Er, me.

Wait wait wait.. before you roll your eyes and surf away... YES, I had a last minute reschedule and I am my own fill in..


Tomorrow is the 12 year anniversary of my dear Mama's passing (of cancer). It's a time that can still be very rough on me so I thought hey, what a great night to dedicate a show in her memory. I'll talk about her (an adoptive Mommy--I found out way later) and my own adoption story.

Adoption Angles on MomTV

Let me tell ya, it's crazy easy to join the live text chat fun... just click on: "Click Here To Enter Chat" and either use your member log in OR type in a chat name and VIOLA.. you're in like FLYNN! I would loooove your questions and comments!

I'm on live tonight at 9PM EST (that's 6PM for all my west coast besties!!)... come join me.

Pretty please?


Laurel said...

I might just tune in, since you're the main guest! :o)

Jericho said...

Melissa, what a wonderful idea! I'm sure many will be blessed by your live text chat! I'll try to drop by!

Laurel said...

I'm on the chat, but I can't type a question?

Laurel said...'s workin' now!


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