Saturday, March 6, 2010

News From The House of Pestilence...

Don't worry, I'm no longer contagious.. no need to back away from your monitor..

We're pretty much over the tummy issues but still fighting the bronchi crud. Personally, I'm okay with that. I would much rather go to work and be achy, stuffy and blow my throbbing nose all day than.. well, you know.

JuneBug continues to flourish. Every day she does something new and sweet.. totally out of her shell and blossoming into an amazing little chicklet. We're obviously in the dark about the case but (from what we can gleam) her visits with mom are getting better and things are going well on that front.

Court came and went but no one called to give us any info. With all the cutbacks, I believe the workers are under even more pressure and I try not to bug them unless it's absolutely necessary. Apparently nothing came up that would affect us one way or another.

Err, we think.

Once again, not knowing how much time we have, all we can do is just love on JuneBug and enjoy every moment we have. 2 1/2 is such a silly age (although the diva melt downs are a sight to behold). She never ceases to amaze and crack us up.

Bottom Line? JuneBug is a little gem and we love her dearly!


Marsha said... know I'm fairly new to your blog. I take it Junebug is a foster child? Would you adopt her if things with bio mom fell apart? How do you sound so calm at the thought that things with her are going "well"? We took in a baby for a while and thought we were going to be able to adopt her but ended up having to give her back. (Fortunately, it wasn't back to bio mom, but to a good friend of the family.) It wreaked havoc on all our hearts and yet you sound so calm and ok with that possibility. What secret ingredient am I missing?

I'm so glad to be able to use hindsight to see why God asked us to give her up because He had someone else in mind....two someone elses as a matter of fact! But in the thick of it all, I was struggling!

Just wondering how you're feeling with it all.....

Kristin said...

Melissa, you are really amazing. I know it is necessary but I would find it so hard to open my home and heart to a little one if I didn't have any clue how long they would be with me. I am so glad you are enjoying your time with her.


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