Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Chaos A-Brewin'.. Or Not...

In a few weeks JuneBug is going to have surgery. It's corrective, fairly common and we should be at the hospital for only a few days. That part I'm okay with. What gets me is all the other chaos that is starting to rumble. Her mom will be there, of course, but it will be our first meeting because she has waffled on the ice breaker. From what I can gleam, she has quite the knack for creating great tension. Lovely. The bio fam that will most likely be taking JuneBug is flying into town for a day to "tend to her" .. except she doesn't recognize their picture and I highly doubt will be clamoring for them.


We have a feeling we're going to be shoveled somewhere in the background with the general thought being if we're out of sight we'll be out of her mind. I beg to differ. What some parties involved haven't seemed to take into consideration is that we're more than mere babysitters. We feed, love, play, bathe, sing to, soothe, laugh, discipline.. and our home where she finds her strength and greatest peace. Our last worker saw it clear as day.. hopefully the others will come around.

Bottom line? My fear is she will be overwhelmed. And not in a good way.

So, we'll fade into the wallpaper until she needs us. I will be quiet and stand aside.. everyone deserves their time with her. The one thing all can agree on is we love her dearly. That being said, if she gets upset or stressed by anyone in anyway, I fully intend to make waves in her defense. I will undoubtedly tick people off and such actions will most likely end up biting me in the behind in the long run. I say this from experience, mind you. It's worth it because it's my job to protect her (and I love my job).

On the flipside, she might not even need us. Everything could be honky dory and my fears never brought to fruition. That would be totally rad. Oops, there I go dating myself again.

The good news in all this? I found out today the hospital has FREE WiFi. Saaawweeet!


Fishsticks and Fireflies said...

Oy. That sounds like it has the potential to be a real mess, though I am almost sure that if you express your concerns to the staff caring for JuneBug following her surgery, they will help keep things in check. Good luck!

Elizabeth @ TexasEbeth said...

From personal experience (my son had tonsils/adnoids out at 2yrs) he was very clingy after the surgery until we went home the next day. He also cried when they took him into the OR area where we couldn't go. JuneBug may react differently.
I'd be proactive & talk about your concerns to the doctor and hospital staff when you pre-register. They are used to family drama & can kind of keep an eye out on things. That way they are the "bad guy" not you.

Melissa, Multi-Tasking Mama said...

She will need you and I thank God that you will be there for her. You are so brave to love with your whole heart, even if just for a short time. You are my hero!

Kristin said...

I hope the whole experience is chaos free and lacking in tension. Thinking of y'all.

Sheri said...

It sounds like an awkward situation indeed.

But I have this feeling that you will handle the potential chaos with the grace, flare and style that you handle just about everything else.

So I'm not worried...no matter what happens.

And I'm thinking of you, your DH and JuneBug!


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