Saturday, October 4, 2008

Big News From a Dear Friend

Our friend, Cherie, shared some wonderful news and (with her permission) I'm doing a shout out for prayers for her and her family.

A little bit of history..

Not long after they married in summer of 2007, Miss Cherie and her wonderful husband got pregnant. At that point, DH and I had been trying for 6 months to conceive to no avail. On the flip side, as soon as the ring hit her finger.. BLAMO!!.. they were starting their own little family. We teased each other during the conception competition and, although we came in distant 2nd, we were downright thrilled for them. Some worried we may have hurt feelings but that was never the case. A baby was coming!! Hooray!

Like us, they are a wee bit older, so precautions were taken as it's always considered a higher risk pregnancy after what? 35? Anyway, Cherie had the required amniocentesis performed and it concluded that their baby girl had Down Syndrome. Admittedly, the initial reaction was shock and sadness. You naturally hope for a healthy baby and when this type of news comes, it robs the joy for a moment.. Just for a moment.

They did their research, educating themselves about children with Downs and prayed for God's Will to be done. The bottom line was no matter the outcome, that little baby girl was going to be loved on like no other.. Spoiled rotten, too. She was a little blessing, no ifs ands or buts about it.

In February we all went on our annual snowmobile trip to Medicine Bow. Cherie was due in a few weeks and was obviously lodge bound. She happily knitted, surfed the Internet and was kind enough to smile as she listened to us retell our long winded tales of sledding adventures in the wilds of Wyoming. I do believe I caught her looking longingly at a glass of Merlot on the table (*wink*). Who could blame her? We are a kooky bunch..

At that point they hadn't come up with a name so I, in all my great wisdom, started trying some out for size,
"Shanaynay?" Noooo
"Tamequa?" Noooo...
Raleetha, Raqueeda, Raspushia, Ronnetta, LaAmbah, LaBriona, LaFonda, Lafuntia, Laketta, De'Kayla, D'Asia, D'Monta, De'Maria, Dewona, Devontay, DeAndrea, Ja'Kari, Ja'mia, Ja'Mika, Kendaisha, Kenderian, Kentrella, Kenzarius, Kanya, Krudasia, Krisshanti, Kewauna, Kenzaria, Kar'Dai-Jah, Khywon, Kanetra, Kamiyah, Kalasha, Kaminie, Keona, Jill, Karen, Lois, MELISSA...

Dang, not for lack of trying...

It was a Sunday morning in March and I was piddling around the house, attempting to get moving. The baby shower was later that day and I was trying to get my act together. They were inducing labor that following Wednesday and things were about to get rocking.

Then the phone rang.

Her father in law called to say that the shower had been cancelled. Cherie had gone into labor that morning and the baby didn't make it. Her poor little heart (that was being watched closely) wasn't strong enough to bring her into this world. Devastated, I fell to my knees and cried.

They named her Hannah.

I so admire the faith in God and love for each other that Cherie and her husband share. In their darkest hours they were not torn apart but made stronger. We are not privy to some of His reasons and never will be. Together they are somehow working through it.. and I am in awe.

On Friday, Miss Cherie made a big announcement .. they are pregnant again! The joy and fear is undoubtedly simultaneous and I would like to ask a favor of all of you. Please keep them and their family in your daily prayers and good thoughts these next nine months (and beyond). Also, when you have a sec, surf on over to her new blog Meet The Robinsons and give her a big, blogospheric "Howdy Do!"



Kim @ What's That Smell? said...

We lost our first baby barely into the second trimester. We've since gone on to have 2 wonderful healthy children. To this day I am devastated at the loss of the first, and miss that baby like crazy. I can't even imagine that loss with a nearly full term pregnancy, Down's Syndrome or not.

I will certainly pray for your friend and her family.

hrw102779 said...

God has his resons, weather we like them or not. This new baby, along with mommy and daddy have an Angel looking over them and smiling.

THe loss of a term baby, or a baby just days old (went through it with my B.F.) is heart breaking. THe pain and wondering never go away, but the knowldege that God has a plan and is still working on yours can be comforting.

I pray for a healthy pregnancy, pain free delivery, and a perfect baby :)

Will 2 out of 3 won't be bad.

Liz K. said...

I have meaning to ask how things have been for them, but I know they have a strong faith and knew He'd pull them through. I'll continue to pray for them...

Karla said...

How nice of you to post such a nice message for your friends. Keeping them all in my thoughts and prayers...and I'll be stopping over to visit her.


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