Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Marineland & Other Tid Bitties

Kadi over at Womb At The Inn(Sane) tagged me. I'm to reveal to the blogosphere 6 things that are mostly unknown about me and tag 6 more friends..

Here we go:

1) I'm a cold weather kind of gal. Give me winter over scorching summer any day. Let's face it, a girl can layer and layer but can only strip down to so much before it's scary-wrong. Then someone takes a picture with a cell phone and you end up as one of those "priceless" emails that makes everyone want to lose their lunch. Sound like a recurring nightmare of mine?

2) My favorite movie of all time is, "Fools Rush In". I know deep, right? It's the first movie I saw Selma Hayek in and her accent sounded so much like Mama's side of the family it felt like home (and made me cry). Crazy you say? Come to find out, she's from Mom's home town (Coatzacoalcos). Hey, it's a totally adorable and funny movie, too!

3) I was a total jock growing up and awesome at most sports. How and when I morphed into a girly girl is really beyond me.

4) I moved to Colorado when I was 19.

5) My first car was a '68 Dodge Dart and it rocked (OH YES IT DID, BREN!)

6) My first and best job ever was at Marineland in my hometown of Palos Verdes. I was a Pearl Girl. We would shuck oysters that people chose, remove the pearl, price it then schlep the jewelry we sold to set it in. No, I don't eat oysters. *shiver* The park was closed in 1987.

The Pearl Girl circa 1986 (it took FOREVER to get my hair that straight)..

A Map:


A Kiss From Seymour:

Look at those cheeks!! AAK! Those were some great times. *Sigh*

I now tag:

Rubi from Off My Rocker
Amber at Crazy Bloggin' Canuck
Karla from Rollercoaster Road
Jane Down Under at Adopted Jane
Stella at Mountain Momma
Kim from What's That Smell?



Hrw102779 said...

I totally hear you on the heat thing!! I always say I can only get so naked...but I can layer till I look like the Marshmallow man :)I never thought of the cell phone/e-mail issue...thanks one more reason to push for a move to Alaska, Canada, or Vermont ;)

Kim @ What's That Smell? said...

Thanks for the tag...I am a bit behind on these but don't take it personally!

#1 cracked me up!

I want to be kissed by Seymour!!!!

Bren said...

*sigh* Poor little thing. Only kissed by Seymour? Well...I was kissed by SHAMU, BABY!!! It helped that one of our friends that also worked at the park was sleeping with the trainer! LOL!

Bren said...


Copy that link. It's depressing as he**, but that's what Marineland is gonna look like by this time next year. *sigh*

Melissa said...


Humpf! ;o)


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