Friday, October 24, 2008

Facebook ~ My New Addiction

Amber at Mile High Mamas created a Facebook group where, among other things, announcements will be made for special projects. Not wanting to miss out on a cool writing opportunity and wanting to stay in the loop I begrudgingly signed on.

Bren has been on FB for a while now and touted it as being the grownup version of MySpace. Sorry but I don't hold MS in the highest regard (web cam shots of teenagers with trucker caps on sideways? Ya, that's some fun right there). I wasn't buying it.

As DH says, "Don't knock it 'til ya try it!"

Literally within minutes of signing on, old compadres I hadn't heard from since high school (yes, that would be 20 years) were inviting me to be their friend. The instant messages began to fly. It was awesome!

Last Sunday I spent 1/2 a day digging through a box of old pictures, scanning and posting. It has been so much fun reconnecting and having wonderful memories come flooding on back.

A Warning: Families do suffer because of this addiction. My poor husband sits there, eyes glazed over hearing countless stories of yesteryear that end with, "Well, you just had to be there".

FB is way more fun than Classmates and it's FREE! Come over to the dark side and join us.. I'll be your friend.. :o)



Amber said...

So glad I could help start the obsession. :-)

Liz K. said...

Oh yes, I just got addicted last month...LOVE IT! However, not sure my clients appreciate their work being late 'cause of all the socializing...hehehehe

Kim @ What's That Smell? said...

You and I sound like we have been doing the same things recently! I was scanning old pictures the other day too!


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