Monday, October 20, 2008

Perfect Moment Monday

Meet our dear friend James and his handsome son. They (along with his beautiful girlfriend) came up this weekend for a visit. As any proper host would do, DH put the men folk to work mowing our lawn (nice, huh?).

James was having allergy issues recently and had a battery of tests preformed to see what was going on. One test came back showing his white blood cells were all out of whack and he then tested positive for leukemia. Just days before his chemo treatment was slated to begin, the 2nd round of tests came back showing negative.. it had been a false positive and he dodged the cancer bullet.

Thank God!

My Perfect Moment was the reminder of how fragile our lives are and what precious gifts we have in our friends and families.

I Capture
Perfect Moments.


Lori said...

Wow! I bet James is feeling quite renewed these day.

What a roller coaster! And a good reminder that to count the blessings we sometimes take for granted.


Rubicon Mom AKA. Rubi said...

I hope James knows how thankful he should be for that news.
I'm happy for him, it's too much for people to have to go thru- and many want to give up before the fight is over.

Alison said...

wow...lucky man!!

Melissa said...

He is very thankful.. his mom is a cancer survivor. :)


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