Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Ties That Bind.. A Bloggy Shout Out

Most of you already know Kadi Prescott as a blogger extraordinaire, loving wife and super mom to SEVEN beautiful kiddos. You might even recognize her and her brood from their Super Nanny episode last season or from an aisle at a SuperTarget.

At first glance you may only notice her physical beauty. She's simply stunning and has killer sense of style (have you seen her shoes?!). Give the girl a minute of your time and you'll find there's way more to her than what's on the outside. What lies beneath is a wicked sense of humor, intellect, beauty ... and a huge, giving heart.

I can say that because I know from personal experience.

With their platters already overflowing and lives thoroughly jam packed, Kadi and her husband came by my side to help me with a situation involving my father. Being out of state my hands were tied and they were my eyes and ears. I will forever be grateful to them for what they did and what they tried to help us accomplish.

Most of you are her readers that are kind enough to come visit my blog. I have no problem with pity and LOVE that you surf on over!! The other (what, 2?) of you that haven't yet had the pleasure, please head on over and give my little cousin a big ole howdy do! She's my bloggy inspiration and I hope I'm half the Mommy she is. You can visit her at A Womb At The Inn(Sane) and also at the Super Nanny Web Site. A word of warning.. she tells it like it is.. there is no fluff.

Pictured is part of my wonderful family at Christmas.. some of my dearest memories revolve around these amazing people. That adorable baby girl is Miss Kadi and the dork in the Mom Made Vest would be yours truly. That's gotta be some form of abuse..



Karla said...

I'm checking her out...right now!! And if you think the vest is bad, you should see the sweatshirt with denim wasteband and fringe that I had to sport one pictures...THANK GOODNESS!!! lol. Happy Day!

hrw102779 said...

I Love Kadi's site and it is how I found yours, but there are days that I check your site more than or before hers.

Nichole said...

I added Kadi's site to my list :) Thank you so much for your comment and encouragement! Every bit of advice helps. I've been reading so much about fostering and I've found that blogs have given me the greatest insight so far. Farmie is coming along at his own pace...I just have to have patience :)

Kadi said...

How did I not see this post? Thank you so very much! I thank God that He led us all back to each other. You helped me so tremendously when grandpa passed away. I'll never forget that :) I love ya!


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