Saturday, October 18, 2008

Me + Crow = Eating It

That's right everyone. I'm officially going on record to say that I am eating crow. The dinner last night thrown by the county was just what we needed to get our perspective back. The reason why we chose this county in particular is because of their stellar reputation, the total commitment to the children and their genuine love for what they do. That is why we didn't go with our own county, which has a program in complete shambles.

Remember back when we first found out "J" was our newest worker? How excited we were because she had done our training and how much we liked her? Those memories came flooding back last night. She was as wonderful as ever. Maybe the time she got snarky with me for declining the placement was in part due to a bad day. It wasn't a cool thing to do but we all have crummy moments. I'm going to give her that because she really is a cool, down to earth, caring woman.

Overly sensitive? Moi?!

As for the slide show that I was all bent about? Had the coordinator said it was ALL about the children and not done a shout out for "pictures of everyone" we could of avoided me getting my nose all bent. It was absolutely beautiful and I bawled from beginning to end.

At our table, to DH's left were 2 workers that we chatted with all night. One was actually a lady that did the presentation of the two little sisters we got called on. In a room with well over 200 people, what are the odds of us sitting next to each other? Good, from the looks of it. She and I kept looking at each other like, "I know you!" until it clicked. I braced myself for some type of rebuke but got none. Both ladies were lovely.

DH and I were excited to see some familiar faces from our training back in January and hear of their progress. Only one family from our group (out of a bunch of us) has had a placement so far.. the rest of us are still waiting for the right match. What a relief, it's not just us.

SO, the Good Lord had us there for several reasons. To recharge our batteries, see old friends and slap me upside the head for being so paranoid. Most of all I believe it was to remind us we are part of something very special and to be P.A.T.I.E.N.T. (a four letter word in my vocabulary as you all know). Ah ha.

I'm off to prepare my crow.



Stella said...

Sometimes eating crow can be "refreshing" in a way.

I am so glad that your batteries are re charged!!

Karla said...

I'm happy that you were pleasantly surprised! Sometimes one needs a little crow eating to maintain perspective. You've waited so long already, I know that your wait must seem like eternity. Happy to hear that you found your patience tucked in there...

Alison said...

sometimes crow can be very tasty...I am glad you are in a better place now!!


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