Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Home Study, Take 2

So, I left a message for J's supervisor on Monday but didn't hear back. I left a message again today.. this time, she called back fairly quickly. I told her about Auntie moving in and what a God Send she will be. At first I think she thought I was just saying that Auntie would be helping us out and just watching the kiddo(s). That equates to a fairly painless 10 minutes at a sheriff station getting fingerprints done and having a back round check done by the Colorado Bureau of Investigation.

THEN, it dawned on her I said Auntie was moving in.

That boils down to a whole new home study done for her, the training courses and CPR. She took Auntie's name, address and phone number and said she was assigning "D" (our former home study worker) to her case. "D" was totally nice so that's good. HOPEFULLY this can be put on the FAST TRACK and done quickly and painlessly. AH HA! There is no such thing in this system.

I did get a name of our new worker ("E") that is taking "J's" place. They are going to call soon and set up a time for all of us waiting families to get together with her and get to know each other over dinner. Hopefully no alcohol will be served.. it could get ugly (I'm kidding.. er, kind of).

We're still listed on "The Board" (not the Black List, so they say~after my glass of wine at the big shin ding I actually asked) and are considered for each case as it comes in.

REPEATING OVER AND OVER.. (why is it never in sync with OUR time!?). LOL


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Kadi said...

Twin girls waiting...must find loophole!!!

Melissa said...

DH turned to MUSH when I told him about your phone call. He had no idea about the contract.. good thing I was paying attention or we woulda been on a plane to CA this weekend!!!

Yes... a loophole!!! :o) !!

Lori said...

The timeline question is a good one. Let me know if you ever get an answer.

Good luck at that get together. Bring a flask (kidding).

(kind of)


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