Friday, October 17, 2008

The Big Soiree

The big "Thank You Dinner" being put on by the county is tonight. Yes, it's the schmancy partay with the slide show presentation that had no use for pictures of us. No need for the newbie-childless-folk.

I will be on my best behavior for several reasons:

1) Although I won't allow people in the system push us around, I don't want to do/say anything that will jeopardize our next placement call.

2) It's a cash bar.

3) We truly would like to meet people that are in our shoes and make some friends.

4) It's a cash bar.

I'm really not someone that is into confrontation or creating a ruckus. I'm one of those can't-we-all-just-get-along Pollyanna types. People who consider themselves large and in charge tend to read that as, "I'm a human doormat" and think they can walk all over me. They are sadly mistaking.

I'm sure it will be a lovely evening. It's at a beautiful hotel, the menu sounds delish, there will be live entertainment.. and oh yeah, a slide show. I know, get over it already, right?

I just need to stop the whining and look at the bright side. Hello? A night off from cooking and dishes and an elegant meal is really a treat in and of itself!


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Karla said...

I'm sorry that you're still feeling the sting. I'm like you, play nice until pushed too far, then watch out. :) Hope you enjoyed it despite your missing year it will be you...I can feel it! Can't wait to see how it went.

Happy Day!


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