Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A Big Shin Ding

In the system we are called a "Resource Family". The county is throwing a big annual shin ding (like 3 course meal at a very schmancy hotel) for us folk in a couple weeks. The invite said to rsvp, choose a meal (we had a choice of 3) and send some pictures for a slide show presentation.

Well alrighty then.

I satisfied all requests and the response back from the event coordinator was, "Great but.. we're looking for pictures of families with our kids.. I take it you are recently certified, then?"

To which I replied back, "You assume correctly.. we were certified in July and have not had a placement".

(What I wanted to say was, "DEFINE RECENTLY!!!")


Although we are "adorable" (are we 5 or something??), they will not be using the pictures I submitted. Guess we're not really in the club after all.

So, DH and I will be there with bells on and totally feel out of place. Like going to a "Mommy & Me" class without a "Me". The reality is we're the outsiders to a group of outsiders in society. How many degrees of separation does that make?


The bright side is we clean up well so what the heck? An elegant dinner and a night off of cooking and cleaning? You don't have to ask me twice!



Cherie said...

Well, that is rude! Nothing like continually getting slapped in the face. I have to hand it to you Melissa, you handle it like a superstar and your positive attitude and not giving up will shine through and they will secretly say - "I like that she doesn't give up" I am sure you will enjoy the night anyway and will meet some great people. Hang in there!

Karla said...

Chin up! Next year when you're child/children's photos are up there you'll know exactly how to support and comfort the new "newbies". Sending you prayer and positive thoughts for the children of your dreams. Hugs.

Stella said...

I think that is just so terrible. Way to make you guys feel totally worthless! JEEZ!~
I'm sorry!!


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