Thursday, October 9, 2008

Our Wild Life

Er.. I mean wildlife...

In the weee hours of Sunday morning I let the little doggies out to potty (not because I'm nice but because they were dancing on top of me, relentless in their pursuit of waking me up). My 3 darling min pins hit the door running and went OFF as soon as they got outside. Oops.. there was a load of elk out in the darkness of the yard.


Barefoot and not dressed for the occasion, I attempted to herd the three stooges back into the house. Hissing several choice words, I might add. After wrangling them in I went back outside to check out the festivities (and holler at the elk to stop yanking branches off our trees ... all the while trying not to wake the 'hood.. as if that would do any good). Suddenly there was a high whining sound and the crash of antlers. Holy guacamole! I realized it was the big boys and it's that time of year. It's rutting season.

With my ever fantastic camera (cough cough) I captured nature as it unfolded before my very eyes...

Impressive, no?

Okay, so with the help of a photo editor I was able to get this much..

If you click on it to enlarge, stand back and squint both eyes you can make out the 2 large males in the middle of the picture. There is a glow from an eye, also. Can you see them? I wasn't going to get close.. those boys meant business!

So you have the opportunity to actually see some of our guests, the following are a couple of pictures I took last spring of teenagers in the backyard. Aren't they cool?


I'll take an elk encounter over a bear any day!!

What does this have to do with adoption? Nothing.. but it sure beats listening to me whine, right?

*You Are Welcome!*




Amber said...

WOWOWOWOWOWOW. How seriously cool would that be! We only get the occasional coyote staring us down!

Anonymous said...

Wow Melissa thats very very cool....
I presume rutting season is *proving their manhood* ? against each other - so to speak ? Whose the leader of the herd etc ?

Melissa said...

Amber: Oohh, coyotes are cool. They can be pretty scruffy.. Everytime I see one I think, "Man, he needs a good brushing!"

Jane: Yep, you're exactly right! They're trying to prove whose the boss and impress the ladies. :o)

Karla said...

Melissa- Very Cool! But I would have been freaked out!
I miss the mountains, I miss the elk, I just miss Colorado.

I think the pic turned out pretty well for 3 a.m.!

Kim @ What's That Smell? said...

Oh wow, how cool! Scary, yes..but cool!


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