Tuesday, October 28, 2008

More Answered Prayers

One of my big concerns once a child is placed with us is transportation. Since we are out of county, I am responsible for getting the kiddo(s) to and from visitations, doctors offices, etc. Had we been in county, they have people that do that for you (pick them up from day care, take them to their various appointments and bring them back). We have been told they would do their best to help but the bulk of the transports are on us.

There could very well be weekly court appointed visits which means I will have to take off a 1/2 day of work once maybe even twice a week. This could go on for a year. Oy. Thank the Good Lord I have wonderful bosses that are okay with that but it's still a monstrous bite out of the ole paycheck. Plus my lead foot and the gas gussling suv. On top of all that running, what if the little one gets sick and has to be picked up from day care pronto? We have family nearby but all have really busy lives. I'm sure they would be happy to help in a pinch BUT I needed a solid plan.

I had been trying not to stress about it and have been praying like never before. I know in my heart this is the path we're to be on and it would somehow work out. Have faith..

This weekend, my prayers were answered.

Matt's wonderful Auntie G has moved back to Colorado and is looking for a place to live. Her home here in town is rented out for a year. She needs to find a job to cover her own rent and a place where she has enough room for herself and her lovely Dalmation, Miss Oreo.

A few months back we had offered to have her come live with us. We have plenty of room for her, Miss O and all their stuff. This weekend we revisited that idea. Why not come live with us and, instead of looking for a place to rent and a job, watch baby during the day?!?? That would alleviate me having to miss work and wage, baby won't have to be in day care all day and Auntie's needs are covered as well.

Sweet relief.

I have a call in to J's supervisor (since I still don't know who our new placement worker is yet) as we need to get Auntie certified. Anyone that spends more than 3 hours a week with kids in foster care need to have a home study done, as well.

Once again, God Rocks!


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Amber said...

Hurray for God! What an incredible blessing!

Liz K. said...

Oh yea!!!! Yep...He does it again! Do you feel how close it is getting??? I have butterflies for you! Don't forget if it is a girl btwn the sizes of newborn and 4T...I have ya covered for clothes!!! I have them all organized by size, clean, and ready to haul...and I mean tubs and tubs...it comes with the territory for a girl I guess. :-)

Karla said...

Prayer...Answered! God is good! So happy to hear that all the kinks are worked out...now, bring on the babies!! Wishing and hoping and crossing and praying...

Kim @ What's That Smell said...

Isn't it amazing how, just when we feel hopeless and helpless, He sends the answer to our prayers!


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