Friday, October 3, 2008


We've got a game of TMI Tag going on.. My girl Rubi tagged me so here we goooo...

I am: silly, klutzy, funny and sincere.

I have: a herd of dogs, an amazing husband and family and friends that I love dearly.

I had no idea: I would be so ancient before becoming a Mommy.

I Am: hoping to be a Mommy sooner rather than later.

I Think: I can do just about anything I put my mind to.

I Know: I'm right where I'm supposed to be.

I Want: our happily ever after.

I Have: no cash in my wallet.

I Dislike: people that prey on the weak, liars and thieves.

I Miss: my mom so much sometimes it hurts to breathe.

I Fear: all things reptilian.

I Feel: pretty.. oh so pretty (sorry, I couldn't help myself).

I Smell: something going funky in my car. Gotta remember to check into that..

I Crave: Albertson's chocolate chip cookies from the bakery (THEY ROCK!).

I Cry: easily. Good Hallmark commercial? There I go.

I Usually: don't get everything done that I set out to do. But I try.

I Search: for my little reason for being here.

I Wonder: how I could be so dang blessed.

I Regret: not spending more time with Mama.

I Love: cooking, the smell of fresh cut grass, my husband's laugh.. the list goes on and on..

I Care: deeply for my family and friends.

I Always: bite off more than I can chew.

I Worry: that I will completely fail as a parent.

I Am Not: the push over people think I am. I might bend over backwards to help someone out, cheer them to victory or cry with them if the moment calls for it, but do not play me. You will lose.

I Remember: to brush every night.

I Believe: it's not in my hands.. it's in His.

I Dance: like a total dweeb but don't care.

I Sing: to my dogs... and I plan to sing to our children, too!

I Don't Always: get things right the first time. But dang it, I'm usually spot on the 2nd time around!

I Argue: rarely. After surviving the drama that was once my life, I'm so over arguing.. I choose my battles wisely.

I Write: so I don't flip out.

I Win: almost every round of golf. (AH HA!) Just seeing if you're paying attention, Missy!

I Lose: my keys all the time.

I Am: a daughter, a wife, a friend, an Auntie, an in-law and a Mommy (in my heart).

So now I am tagging Cherie, Cherish, and Stella.


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