Friday, October 31, 2008


We used to live in a neighborhood that people bussed their kids to for trick or treating. It was wave after wave of kids. I had to be careful not to give out handfuls of candy, for fear I would blaze through my stash and run out before the last ghostie, ballerina or hobo came calling. I refused to be "that house".. you know, the one that has the lights off but you could see the flicker of the tv from the front door. No way, no how. I had a reputation to uphold, for crying out loud.

We moved 3 years ago and now live in a neighborhood that is kind of spread out and has few kids. Our next door neighbor brings his grand kids and their friends by for candy. That's it. The big rush consists of 6 kids and an adult.


It occurred to me today that NEXT year we'll (hopefully) be trekking a few miles away to suburbia with our little one(s). Along the way we'll be stopping at Gramsie and Big Daddy's house and head up "the hill" to Missy and My Kiwi's. Ya'll better keep the front porch lights on (we do have keys, ya know).



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